Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Reynard City Video Game Cover Contest

           Recently an artist asked me who was doing the cover for our forthcoming video game. Shortly after another artist put themselves forward. Both have done great work for us and it was hard to choose between the two.
           Given the massive interest we had in our original character contest we wanted to do something equally big if not bigger for the next one. Therefore the winner of this contest will get their cover featured on the website, X Box Live and anywhere else we intend to put the game. They will also receive a T shirt and postcards with their design on it.
                 The rules are simple-
1. Your art only- Nothing wrong with being influenced by art but no tracing and no morphs of existing Reynard City artwork.
2. It doesn’t have to be based on the images in the game, it’s up to you how you present the characters.
3. That being said avoid overly violent or sexual images. Keep it PG13/ 12A guys :D
And that’s pretty much it. Entries should be sent to reynardcity@gmail.com by the 31st December. Entries will be selected by an independent judge.
Good luck! :D Reynard City Video Game coming soon

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