Saturday, 12 November 2011


The story begins here…

Follow the epic adventures of Vibes, Sally and the crew for free on your laptop, PC, iPhone or even old school ink-and-paper (printer required!).
Getting started is easy; just scroll to The Comics page on the top bar (or click here) and just click on to any to view the brilliant quality PDF files.
If you want to read Reynard City on your iPhone, iPad or any device with a comic book reader then click here.
Catch up with the latest videos and news on the TV pilot too, as well as finding out about the main characters – all on the scrollable menu bar at the top!
And finally; you can buy merchandise, enter competitions, look at news articles, follow Reynard City characters on Twitter and ask any question about the comics – just click on the RC Club at the top.
So have plenty of fun discovering the world of Reynard City!
And if you’re interested in our mega-cheap sponsorship partnerships, that includes logos on all our corporate merchandise (including on this very website!), then click on to our advertising page.
Finally, creator Will Turner took part in a Comic Academy forum for people who want to work in the comic industry, along with artists and writers who’ve worked on such comics as The Walking Dead, X-Men and Fantastic Four. To check out all the interviews, and for numerous tips and tricks to break into the market, click below:

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